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Founder of SPSREVIEWFORUM has been exposed!

The founder/criminal behind SPSREVIEWFORUM is located in the Michigan area of the United States. On January 8th 2016 6:55PM (Michigan Marysville Time) she was found repeatedly visiting a website that was trying to reveal the location of Hope (the criminal behind her so-called review site SPSREVIEWFORUM)

Time Stamp: 6:55PM EST on January 8th, 2016IP: MichiganCity: MarysvilleCountry: United States

She uses AT&T U-verse and she has both an apple computer and iPhone. If you are a victim of SPSREVIEWFORUM, I would encourage you to get a lawyer to subpoena AT&T for information connected to the time stamp above.

Proven Facts! The founder of Spsreviewforum is located in Michigan, Marysville USA.

We encourage you to report this scam with your local Police Department and the FTC. News stations such as CNN have published many exposed scammers related to schemes such as SPSREVIEWFORUMS.

~Private Investigator

Reason of review: Scam.

Preferred solution: Open Federal Investigation Against SPS Review Forum.

I didn't like: Scam, Bullying, Bad reviews.

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I realize this is like 2 years late, but that information doesn’t mean what you think I means. An IP address doesn’t have a physical location. There are services that attempt to map them based on known ownership of IP blocks but the lat/long that it gives you as a location is going to be some piece of networking equipment, not whomever you are looking for.

Good private dectectiving, champ.

Edinburg, Virginia, United States #1223300

Hey A.,

Hope you are doing well. It's me "Maggie." Please do me a favor and do not post from VA, or copy phrases I have said in the past, or some paranoids on that site may think it's me.

It was brought to my attention, by a friend, a report was made on the ROR that could be mistaken for being me. Yeah, I know it is ludicrous, as it comes from Richmond VA, the state capitol, but honestly these ppl, have nutted out in the past and put two and two together and come up with seven.

If you ever really want to get to who Hope is start looking for posters around the time the site started on other review sites and spell and psychic forums.

If not carry on, but asking you to please try not to replicate things some of the less than logical twist to fit their illogical, "investigator" lol, ways. Thank you.


Stop trying to cover up the truth by calling this report made up by Hope. Fact, She is locate in Michigan.

I know it hurts when people come too close to knowing where you are really located.

TooLate, is a fake account created by HOPE to try throwing people off the hot trail to her front door. We know where you are located.

Marysville, MI USA

Texas, United States #1219883

Just stop pretending Hope. We knew it's you and your are not in Michigan with someone else's IP Address.

Fake Fake Fake. It's no coincidence that your comment comes in short amount of time after the report. It hasn't been even 48 hours yet since the report got in the search engine.

*** *** you are trying to confuse us and try the attention to another location.

Just know Melissa Miller we know were you are! We know *What, Where, Why, Who and How you commit fraud on SPS* Thanks to your members passing data from your forum to others and the Police.

So much for a 'Private Investigator' ? LOL

Readers please continue to share and bring attention to Melissa Miller's Hope of SPS RIP OFF REPORTS.

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